Real Case Studies


3-17 Queen Street Campbelltown

Buying Houses Australia was engaged by a client to run the entire development process for a raw site in Campbelltown after they had been offered $3.2m for their land. We engaged architects, planners and submitted a DA for 167 apartments in a Gateway location. Once approved we negotiated an off-market sale and oversaw the remediation process. The client got an uplift in excess of $2m from this process versus selling their raw undeveloped site.

Case Study Analysis

Agent offered Client $3.2M

Shane project managed development application costing $400,000

Shane negotiated sale of DA approved site $5.5m

Total profit in just under 15 mths $1.9m


36- 38 South Steyne Road Manly

An overseas property investor had used Buying Houses Australia to purchase a luxury residence in McMahons Point and was looking to expand their Australian property holdings. With no capability in Australia, Shane was engaged to locate a commercial property with long term capital growth and great location as the key objectives to the brief. Shane purchased this Manly beachfront property for $8.95M after initial sales inquiry found the vendor wanted $10.5M. 

Buying Houses Australia saved the client an amazing $1.55M on the transaction, secured a prized Manly beachfront property and received an acquisition fee of $134,000.

After developing a strong client relationship with the client Shane has since been involved in the remodelling of the site and has obtained a high end restaurateur to lease out the premises.

Case Study Analysis

Asking price $10.5M

Shane negotiated down to $8.95M

Saving the happy client $1.5M



60/155 Macquarie Street Sydney

Buying Houses Australia were given a full brief to locate and purchase a city apartment for under $3M by an American couple moving to Sydney for a job relocation with one of the major Australian banks. After refining their must haves, Shane was hoping as a bonus to find a property that would also create a short term profit for the couple. After an intensive search, through his contacts Shane located a very exclusive apartment in a sought after location in Sydney.

The asking price was $2.85M. Shane worked on negotiations and an agreed purchase price of $2.7m was secured. Saving the client a massive $150,000. After concluding their job posting in Australia they sold the same property for $3.3m less than two years later. Needless to say they have been very happy with their decision to use Shane's Buyers Agent services.

Case Study Analysis

Asking price $2.85M

Shane negotiated down to $2.7M

Saving the happy client $150,000

2 years later client sold for $3.3M 

Total profit in just under 2yrs $500,000