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Residential Property Services

Most of our clients choose a full service approach to tasking Buying Houses Australia with finding your next property. We are also happy to offer any of the following steps individually based on your needs...

Initial Briefing

At your first point of contact with Buying Houses Australia we complete a confidential buyer's briefing form. At this stage we determine exactly what your needs and objectives are. We will consider budgets, work location, schools, transport and amenities. Will the purchase be driven by lifestyle decisions or capital growth? With your target brief in hand we can commence our search.

Stock Selection

Buying Houses Australia is now able to start a full search based on your target brief. Not distracted by selling agent's assertions about how good certain properties are, we can inspect numerous properties to ensure a match with your specific criteria.

Preferred Shortlist

Once this culling process has been concluded, we will provide you with a shortlist of properties meeting your specific criteria. In some instances we have found that clients have appreciated a few options, for example suggesting alternative suburbs, which might better match their needs.


From our shortlist we will arrange a suitable time for an inspection of the target properties. To ensure the most efficient use of time we usually try to back inspections up so that you can make comparisons of strengths and weaknesses on the same day. For our overseas buyers we tend to take many photos, complete a “wish list checklist” and usually conclude the inspection process for them.

Negotiating the Deal

Once we have identified your preferred property, we determine the best strategy for securing its purchase. If the property is to be sold via auction we will plan our strategy bearing in mind current valuations. If negotiation is the means of securing the property, we utilise our experience and competitive edge to ensure the cheapest possible price for you the buyer.

Acceptance of the Offer

Once our offer has been accepted we have plenty to do in a timely manner. We can direct and source pest and building inspections, find a local solicitor for conveyancing or an insurance company for a cover note. Remembering that we work for you, we can be involved as much or as little as you desire. Typically our overseas buyers have had us source many of the support services needed to complete a successful settlement.



Auction Bidding Services

How many times have you seen a buyer pay too much for a property as a result of a bidding war? Auctions are one of the main mechanisms for securing properties in Australia. Although they can be enjoyable, the emotions of the day can lead to bad investment decisions. We know all the tricks of the trade and will enter an auction on your behalf with a level head and years of negotiation experience. 

A good auctioneer will elicit those small bids of $5,000 with comments such as, "you don't want to lose this property now!". And this is understandable when the buyer might have spent 6 months attending open houses, countless strata searches, building reports and the ongoing services of a solicitor to check contracts. But a budget is a budget and it pays to stick to it!

By engaging Buying Houses Australia you benefit by utilising our skill and expertise in trying to secure your target property at your predetermined price. Our strategy is determined pre-auction and you can elect to attend, or you can complete documentation allowing us to sign the contract on your behalf if successful. A clear and disciplined approach, as in all investment decisions, will save stress, time and money.


Commercial Real Estate

Buying Houses Australia can source all types of Commercial Real Estate including offices, development sites, factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants and shops.

Buying Houses Australia has been very active in acquiring commercial buildings and development sites across the Sydney basin. Clients have ranged from overseas investors, property syndicates and high net wealth individuals. 

Shane's background in investment banking and property development provide a skill base to appraise sites through rigorous feasibility studies against a specific client brief. Many prime and profitable sites have transacted under the radar through off-market sales in the past few years.

With an extensive data base of developers, land owners and agents, BHA is able to find and assess the most profitable off-market properties in Sydney. Just like 45 Warriewood Road, Warriewood, a site allowing 41 residential blocks which BHA acquired off-market for a client. BHA negotiated the purchase of this development site for $11.5m +GST and our client sold this site less than 8 months later for a $4m profit. 

Needless to say off-market opportunities can be very profitable but can only be optimised through rigorous analysis and close contacts across Sydney. BHA has these skills and our clients have benefited greatly from our approach.


"We would definitely use Buying Houses Australia again and have no hesitation in recommending Shane

/  Josh & Chauntelle Ready, Sydney  /